Importing a Car from the UK into Australia

What You Need to Know Before Importing a Car from the UK into Australia

RAWS Registered Automotive Workshop Compliance

Before importing a vehicle from the UK into Australia there are several things you need to know. Understanding the procedures and pre-requisites set in place for import prior to attempting acquisition of a vehicle is an important factor for ensuring an easy and legitimate import process. It is essential to understand that all import costs incurred during the process are the responsibility of the importer. Importing through a Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme (RAWS) compliance company is the safest and most cost-effective way to verify the legitimacy of a vehicle import. Automotive businesses that wish to qualify for RAWS credentials must complete a lengthy 12-step corporate makeover. This includes ISO certifications, several forms of inspections and assessments, and numerous documents to be filed and approved. RAWS provisions are put in place to ensure Australia’s vehicle safety standards. For vehicles that were manufactured prior to January 1, 1989, RAWS provisions may not apply. RAWS provisions do not apply for vehicles that are being imported under a Personal Import Scheme. Generally, for these distinctive imports, there is a specialist brought in that is trained to complete the necessary detailing and paperwork.

All imports into Australia must eventually be plated with a Used Import Plate. This is required—regardless of RAWS v. PIS work—before registration can be completed. An import vehicle cannot be driven in the country without an Import Plate. Before a vehicle can receive a Used Import Plate the vehicle must be modified in order to meet the requirements outlined in the Australian Design Rule (ADR), and references in the RAWS legislation. Do not attempt to import a vehicle with extensive structural damages. A vehicle that has been damaged structurally cannot lawfully be fitted with a Used Import Plate. These vehicles must be exported or destroyed, based on the extent of the damages.

Prior to importing, it is also exigent that buyers arrange for the vehicle to be thoroughly cleaned in according with import/export laws. A vehicle that has not been sufficiently prepared for import into Australia will be detained for a greater amount of time. To prevent vehicular quarantine, it is vital that before a car is imported, it is properly cleaned and has had its air-conditioning gases removed. The vehicle you are importing must be a part of the Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicles Scheme. A SEVS listing is not to be taken as an indication that a vehicle is in compliance with the ADR or RAWS legislation. The department of Infrastructure and Regional Development provides an easy to use search parameter for    approved SEVS vehicles. The department also provides a guide to the Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme. Vehicle inspection documents are referred to in section K-3 of the document.

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